"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Discover Charles Peale Polk's painting of George Washington.

George Washington
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HistoryConnects Program Lineup

Our catalog of live, interactive programming includes:

Story of Virginia Program Bundle

The Virginia Studies Bundle is a series of 7 programs where your class will work with a VHS educator throughout the year exploring Virginia’s vast history.

We feel like the programs included in the bundle will deliver the most effective yearlong survey of Virginia history, however, if there are any changes or substitutions that you feel will work better for your students, we are happy to accommodate. Any programs in the bundle can be switched with any of the program that we offer.

The 2015-16 bundle includes:

BUNDLE BONUS: Add an Ask Us… program or Virtual Tour of the Story of Virginia for only $25!

Do you still have questions about HistoryConnects? If so, our FAQ page will answer your questions about cost, technology, and scheduling.

Hailey House

Hailey House, Digital Learning Assistant

Are you interested in learning more about our interactive video conferencing programs? I can help you schedule a program or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me at hhouse@vahistorical.org or 804.342.9689.

You may also register online at https://historyconnects.acuityscheduling.com/ or below:

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