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Every Second Counts: The Extraordinary Race to Transplant the First Human Heart by Donald McRae

Thursday, June 8, 5:30pm6:30pm
Members $20 (Join today)
Virginia Historical Society
Robins Family Forum
Part of the Members Lecture Series category.
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On June 8 at 5:30 p.m., the Virginia Historical Society and the MCV Foundation present an invitation-only lecture by the author Donald McRae entitled "Every Second Counts: The Extraordinary Race to Transplant the First Human Heart."

Fifty years ago, cutting-edge science intersected with human drama and changed the course of medical history. The Medical College of Virginia in Richmond was situated squarely in the path of the race to the first successful human heart transplant. And now, it's history.

Donald McRae, born in South Africa in 1961, is an award-winning journalist who has lived in London environs since 1984.  His many books include Under Our Skin, A White Family's Journey Through South Africa's Darkest Years.

Reservations for this event are limited to invited guests. 

Reception and book signing following the lecture.

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