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Hampton: Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe and Hampton University Campus and Museum

Wednesday, April 26, 8:00am5:00pm
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Virginia Historical Society
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For years, Fort Monroe and Hampton University have tread along parallel, albeit distinctly separate paths.  The latter as an educational institution borne from the emancipation of escaped slaves.  The former as a military installation where the “contraband of war” decision was made.

Our day begins at Hampton University with a guided 1.75-hour walking tour of the campus and the Hampton University Museum—the nation’s oldest African American museum with more than 9,000 objects representing cultures and people from around the world, including the largest existing collection of works in any museum by the artists John Biggers, Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, and Samella Lewis.

We will have lunch at The Chamberlain.  This historic building was built in classic Beaux Arts style during the Roaring 1920s and was once one of the most opulent hotels in the nation.  Today, the building has been magnificently restored and serves as a premier waterfront retirement community.

Following lunch, we will have a 2-hour guided tour of the Casemate Museum and the grounds of Fort Monroe.  Completed in 1836, Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort in America.  Robert E. Lee was stationed at the fort from 1831 - 1834 and directed the final phase of construction.  President Abraham Lincoln visited Fort Monroe and spent four nights in Quarters 1.  The museum features the room where Jefferson Davis was held briefly as prisoner following the American Civil War and highlights Major General Benjamin Butler’s Contraband of War decision that granted refuge to three escaped slaves.

Online reservations for this program are closed.  For more information please call Cathy Boe (804) 342-9657.

Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe

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